Saturday, August 30, 2008

deep philosophical questions at the bunchen household

is dressing up like a ghost and scaring people illegal? because those people on scooby doo always got arrested.

is less scrupulous the same as more unscrupulous?

why do clothes for infants have real pockets? (one pair of bryn's pants has SIX pockets!) do other babies carry their own stuff around?

while we've been pondering these weighty issues, bryn has been contemplating other matters of weight, specifically how to shift it around. she can now pull herself up to a standing position and uses this skill to get into EVERYTHING. (outlet covers have been recently installed, as bryn's manual dexterity has also been improving) and she has learned how to get herself into a sitting position, so she plays quite independently now... crawling to something, sitting up and playing with it, crawling somewhere else with object#1 still in hand, standing up, banging object#1 on whatever she pulled herself up on, throwing object #1 and a few other things on the ground, and then repeat. the coffee table still baffles her though - she pulls herself up on the shelf rather than the top of the table and then gets her head and torso wedged between the two. sometimes she looks like she actually wants to crawl onto the shelf, but she isn't quite able to do that either. in any case, the outcome is the same: bryn yells until we put her back down to sitting or onto her stomach. finally, just today, bryn started crawling around on all fours! she has been scooting for about two months already, and we (and her pediatrician) were starting to think that she might just skip crawling altogether.

we're still working on getting evidence of all this but, in the meantime, we have posted some other photos and videos.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

In Memoriam
Ernie BunnellFebruary 25, 1941 to August 3, 2008

Ernie passed away peacefully after a two year battle with cancer. He was a generous, kind and great man with terrific wit and humor. He was a wonderful father and grandfather. We're happy that Bryn got to know him for the time that she did, and we're grateful for the time we had with him. He will be much more than missed.

In lieu of flowers, gifts may be sent to the Ernie Bunnell Endowment Fund at Rochester High School (e-mail us for details). Ernie's career at Rochester spanned three decades, and he was a dearly beloved teacher there.

We would love to hear your memories of Ernie. Please feel free to share in comments.