Tuesday, December 9, 2008

new videos

i just uploaded a bunch of videos on our flickr site, including a few of bryn with her birthday presents, and others of her playing with various toy and non-toy objects. the birthday cake video finally uploaded successfully, and i added a video of bryn opening her first ever birthday present. finally, make sure you check out the video in the sidebar of adam cutting down our tree, which was damaged by hurricane ike.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

adventures of a one year old

bryn had her first birthday a few weeks ago, and we celebrated with a small party and a ridiculous number of presents.

at her party, bryn also got to choose her destiny... it is chinese tradition, on a child's first birthday, to let her choose from among several objects signifying a variety of careers. so we put out a book (not a lightweight either - gabriel garcia-marquez), a pen, a (toy) stethoscope, a passport, a paintbrush, a gold dollar sign money clip (i know, *classy*), a toy ballerina, a toy saxophone, a baseball and a whisk. you can check out the video to see bryn's choice process, but it was pretty clear what she wanted: the money.

the romantic interpretation is that she will be come kind of fancy financier or maybe the next fed chairman, but i think it just means she will be rich. good thing, because her parents certainly aren't going to be.

at the ripe old age of one, bryn's diet is also starting to expand rapidly. she, of course, had birthday cake at her party. it was a cake that uses vinegar instead of eggs as the leavening agent, but she did get regular old store-bought frosting in a can (turns out it doesn't actually contain any eggs or dairy). bryn wasn't really all that interested in the cake or the frosting, and actually stayed pretty clean. check out the full video documentary here. apple chunks are much more popular,

and clementine oranges are currently the best form of bribery. bryn also got to try some turkey and mashed potatoes on thanksgiving (although she actually slept through our dinner). most nights, we can feed bryn something from our plates (rice, brussels sprouts, chicken), which makes life a lot easier and dinners a lot more fun for all of us.

and, most exciting of all, bryn made her first 911 call. yes, i am one of those parents who ignores all the warnings of other parents and law enforcement officers and lets my child play with the telephone. i figured it would be such a fluke for her to call 911, especially given the current limits of her manual dexterity, that i could risk it. well, it took about 3 months, but finally she did it. and then hung up, so i didn't even know about it. instead, i got to be surprised by the two officers at my door and the paddywagon in my driveway.
officer #1:   we got a 911 hang up call from this house.
me:               oh, sorry, it must have been the baby.
officer #2:   so is everything ok here?
me:               yes, we’re fine
officer #1:   don’t let the baby play with the phone.
me:               yes, ok. sorry...
live and learn, i guess.