Sunday, June 15, 2008

sittin' pretty

a baby sits among us! bryn has (pretty much) figured out the basic sitting thing. she has been doing the "tripod" sit (leaning forward propped up by her hands) for a few weeks now, and we noticed last sunday that her side-to-side balance had improved quite a bit. then, on wednesday, she had her first sustained solo sit!

since then, she's being doing a lot of sitting on her own, usually for a few (literally, 2-3) minutes at a time. bryn has also been pushing up on her hands a lot more and getting that much closer to crawling. the other day, she even woke herself up from a nap by rolling over... it was so cute seeing her push up on her hands and look around all groggy and disoriented, then flash a big sleepy grin when she spied us across the room.

check back in a few days for a special father's day post in which we tell you how bryn likes her first solid food!

Monday, June 2, 2008

yelling, rolling and posing

the good news: bryn has discovered a new way of vocalizing. the bad news: it is yelling, and she uses it indiscriminately... and frequently. bryn has also discovered how to roll from her back to her tummy, and she does that frequently as well, especially if she spies a toy that is out of reach. she has yet to do any consecutive rolls, but she's also starting to push up on her hands, which is an early harbinger of crawling. so we have initiated operation mobile baby to prepare. i hope she won't totally give up snuggling with mom once she is able to explore more on her own.

bryn also learned how to crinkle up her nose this weekend. sometimes she does it like she is sniffing (she does have hay fever), other times it is with a big grin, and sometimes it is just goofing around (usually with dad). i was worried that this might end up being the only face she would make all weekend, which was not what i had in mind for her first set of portraits (!). in the end, she didn't make that face at all, and she didn't really smile either... she was just kind of cranky and not happy about being out of our arms while strangers made faces at her and teased her with toys. she fell asleep on the way to the studio, which i thought was a good thing but, in retrospect, i think she might do better with a bit more time beforehand to take in her surroundings. still, the results were good enough to upsell us from the $9.95 promo package (it wouldn't have taken much - we are both impulse buyers and addicted to our baby). my goal is to go more frequently and stick to just the promo package. it's annoying not having digital images though... but, lucky for you all, i decided to scan and post this set!

these were taken at portrait innovations.