Wednesday, March 19, 2008

props for hillary

i've been a hillary supporter from the beginning - i think she has real policy solutions whereas the other democratic candidates typically just "talk the talk." but i do find her to be a less than inspirational speaker, even quite dull in prepared speeches. i also find myself worrying that she will fall to mccain the way kerry fell to bush - unable to translate intellect into confidence. so maybe we do need an inspirational candidate, even if i am less certain of his efficacy as a policymaker.

but then i realized, i have never felt inspired by speech given by a woman, any woman. there are certainly inspirational women out there, and it's not possible that they all have or are inferior speech writers. so what's going on? i think this piece from the washington post sums it up pretty well. we are not used to seeing women as inspirational leaders... sure, women often do things that are inspirational, but they don't lead while doing it. generations of feminism have gotten us to where we have no trouble with women leading the way, but not to the point where we see women leading us. it's enough to send me right back to the feminism of my younger days, just like many other twenty- and thirty-something women.

disclaimer: these comments do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the rest of the bunchen household.

birthday fun for grandma chen

we put together something a little different for grandma chen's birthday this year.

we also had a video call with the chens on grandma's birthday. bryn's great uncle george happened to be visiting, so he got to see her (at least live, if not in person) for the first time. his first compliment: "she looks very smart!"

btw, if anyone is interested in video calls with us, look for us on skype. you just need an internet connection and a microphone of some sort that connects to your computer. you don't need a webcam but, if you don't have one, bryn won't be able to see you!