Friday, October 30, 2009


emerson is on his way to being the first in the family to fall in the upper half of the standard growth charts. according to our ultrasound technician, he is a "porker" - he's got a big belly (up over the 90th percentile), although his head circumference and femur length are closer to average (more around the 70th percentile). and his estimated weight is just over 2.5 lbs as of tuesday, again well above the median. we're thrilled. everything is going smoothly, and e seems to be happy and growing great. he is quite a kicker and flipper - much more active, or at least more forceful, than i remember bryn being. of course, it could be that i'm more aware this time around too.

and, 'cause i have to, here is the latest photo of our bouncing baby boy - a 3D! you can see his face behind a little hand and, i think, a foot (toes pointing out at you). he was being coy during this scan, so this was the best we could get.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

autumn adventures

this has been a big month of family-friendly outings, at least by our standards. it is a bit odd to find ourselves suddenly among "those people" who voraciously seek out all kinds of community festivals and kid-friendly freebies, but here we are. and, actually, we're loving it... especially bryn! it's great to have places where she can run around like a crazy person and no one really minds, and where you know that everything is mostly safe, including the people. also, no one bats an eye when she flings herself to the ground in the middle of everything screaming, "NOOOOO!" before getting distracted and running off in the other direction, laughing maniacally all the way.

so, we we've been to two local fall festivals with hay rides, fire trucks, ponies, and lots of inflatables. truman even got to tag along on one of the outings, and he was reasonably well-behaved.

we also made sure to get in one trip to the zoo before the end of the season. bryn definitely enjoyed seeing the animals, but then she seemed equally interested in seeing the (inanimate) animal statues and playing in the bushes. among her favorites were the baby elephant, the rhino, the mini-aquarium and, of course, the inflatables set up for halloween.

and, finally, we visited a local pumpkin "patch", which turned out to be just a bunch of pumpkins stacked around bales of hay with some corn stalks and assorted gourds to spice things up. but, they did have a wide variety of pumpkins, and bryn had a great time.

look forward to seeing more of our pumpkins in a soon-to-follow halloween post!