Wednesday, March 24, 2010

life with two

people aren't kidding when they say that two kids is more than double the work. we've passed the two month mark, and i'm finally coming up for air. i'm back at work (and actually enjoying it - i get to put on clothes, leave the house, and talk to adults without worrying about who is making what kind of mess, pets included), turned on my kindle again for the first time last week, and am almost caught up on "lost". of course, there are still things that i miss: showers, hot coffee and food, wearing nice clothes...

but, in exchange i have two (mostly) sweet babies who do lots of cute things. emerson is a good sleeper, about a 5 hour stretch at night, and really only has 1-2 fussy periods a day. all in all, a pretty easy baby, i would say. adam may disagree though; we are constantly debating whether or not he cries more than bryn did. one thing is for sure - emerson is WAY bigger than bryn was. he was 12 lbs., 11 oz. at his two month check-up. bryn didn't get to that weight until almost 5 months old (still 3 months, correcting for prematurity). it's great having a nice, chubby, robust baby - he just feels so much sturdier and is definitely much stronger. he has been holding his head up (ok, not a lot, but it's still impressive) since the first week! he loves cuddling but also likes a chance to stretch out, which is when we get to do my favorite thing: smile and "talk" to each other. emerson will spend 10-15 minutes, a few times a day, just watching me and smiling and cooing, and he has the biggest smile. *sigh*

bryn is growing up so fast. she has really become a little kid, no longer a baby or a toddler. she is a great big sister and loves to help out. she's very concerned whenever emerson cries ("i think he's hungry") and offers to "get baby", give him a pacifier (off the floor though) or help change his diaper. she likes to snuggle with him and see him smile ("look, he's happy!"), but she has also suggested that i "give baby to daddy" or "put brother down" and often throws a fit when i tell her i can't do something with her. then again, these days she throws a fit pretty much any time she doesn't get her way. she likes to tell me, "no, i can't", "i told you", "stop", and "give it", sometimes while flailing her arms and legs and/or throwing things. other times she tries the spoonful of sugar tactic: "oh, mom, it's ok", "it'd be fun/awesome" or just repeating the request with a different inflection and a big, ingratiating smile. we're still working on our approach to discipline.

i know i'm leaving out lots of other things, but if i try to write about them all, i won't get this posted until next month. please check out our flickr page for a better overview of our activities... but i do want to thank aaron, ting, sierra, leah and brian for coming out to visit! and extra special thanks to my parents for all the invaluable post-partum help. we couldn't have done it without you.