Monday, August 17, 2009

bryn shows off

if you listen carefully (and use our translation), you should hear: eye, nose, mouth, elbow, nose, mouth, and ear (twice). all interspersed with "cheese" because what else would you say when there is a camera on?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

congratulations, teresa and scott!

... and it was the best wedding ever!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

summer fun

yes, it's been a long time. in my defense, our computer had a massive failure and has just now been repaired and, without it, i wasn't able to post any pictures (so why bother posting, right?).

anyway, our summer has been great and very eventful. bryn had her first trip to the circus with dad and some of our friends. she slept through most of it, so here is a picture of her pre-circus excitement.

her inexplicable terror over the bath remains, and we are out of ideas. but, she has warmed up to (outdoor) water toys, although any water on her head usually causes whining and crying, ending playtime very abruptly (see video).

we had a lovely trip to washington in july, complete with a trip to lake chelan. we rented a little house in manson with a gorgeous patio and an even more beautiful view of the lake. bryn, kaya and sierra got along great, although it wasn't so much actual playing together as it was staring, pointing and following, and occasional stealing of toys and sippy cups.

and, i got to see all my best girl friends and their adorable kids, plus get my beach fix at dash point!

back in ohio, we went to see griffey, felix and the mariners play (beat) the cleveland indians.

bryn got her first hair cut, which went much better than expected, since she was exhausted and half-asleep.

and we went to the state fair.