Saturday, January 26, 2008

An Apology

Sorry for keeping Bryn to ourselves. We very much like to share her photos but find ourselves playing, feeding or sleeping with her much more than posting photos.

Grandma and Grandpa Chen claimed they came to visit all of us. Funny thing, they kept telling us, "go out and enjoy yourselves." Some favor. Of course Bryn had to stay home for proper nurturing. When Mom and Dad went out for dinner, they quickly realized who was getting the favor.

If you are looking at this photo and some version of "ahhh" does not come to mind, you should follow the tin man down the yellow brick road.

National Geographic shot: we think Mom and Bryn look very peaceful and natural... well mom anyway, Bryn may be protesting via the shaken fist. If only we could splice some foliage into the background. Photoshop is going on the xmas list, along with whatever Bryn is asking for in this photo.

Note from Mom: The big box baby store doesn't sell a whole lot of babywearing devices so, for anyone who might be curious, this is a Moby Wrap, and we both love it, despite what this picture might suggest.

This is the rarely seen clean Bryn. Look carefully, no stains on the shirt!

Also, as always there is more to come, we just have to figure out how to make our camera work better. She is growing so fast we find it takes too much time to put pictures up on this flog. So, for a real good look, come and visit. Skybus flights can be as cheap as $10. Keep a lookout. Also, steelhead fishing can be arranged if anyone is so inclined.

General updates are that Bryn is making lots of eye contact and cooing all the time. Smiles are still random, but they definitely seem to be developing. She is well over 9lbs and very much enjoys her baths (takes this from Mom).

Site updates? We should soon be posting video. However, this site only takes small vid files so we may be migrating somewhere else. We will leave directions if that happens. Any suggestions are appreciated. Also, check out the flickr shots, poll and movies. Bryn's movie is her first. She was still in the Nicu. Truman's film is not nearly as precious and includes some rather regrettable behavior.

Thanks for all your kind comments they are very much appreciated.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Home Time

Rub my belly... now.
"Christmas, eh"?

Here she's ready for her first walk.