Wednesday, November 4, 2009

happy birthday bryn!

Monday, November 2, 2009

trick or cookie

bryn is big into sesame street these days. in fact, some of her earliest words were "elmo" and "cookie", so i had to get her a cookie monster costume for halloween (and it helps support pbs!). she seemed excited about the costume, but more in theory than in practice. until we got to trick or treating. then she was too interested in the candy to even notice that she was wearing a big furry blue suit with goggly eyes.

first, we went trick or treating at the mall.

it was a complete zoo. i had no idea that so many people go to the mall for trick or treating. maybe it is something specific to our area? in any case, there was a lot of waiting in line and a lot of hyper kids. bryn had to stop every 4 stores to eat another piece of candy. at one point, she handed me a lollipop to unwrap while still eating another lollipop (it was, admittedly, a different color), and that was where i drew the line.

the next night was "beggar's night" in our neighborhood... in central ohio, they make a concerted effort to coordinate trick or treat night on a weekday, and usually on a day other than october 31, presumably to minimize children's exposure to drunken partiers and the like. i don't really see the need, but, well, that's the way it is here. bryn was very excited, watching for her neighborhood friends from the driveway and checking out our pumpkins on the porch.

the actual trick or treating part was less exciting (she had to mostly go with just mom, since she can't keep up with the older kids and dad had to pass out candy at home), except for the candy, of course. i don't think bryn ever actually said "trick or treat" (she did say it at home a couple of times) or "thank you", although she recognized some of the costumes she saw ("chicken", "bert", "ernie", "kitty", "doggy", etc.). or maybe she just didn't want to talk with a mouthful of candy. in any case, she perked right up once her friends got back home and they all started running back forth between our houses.

it was a fun night, and we all had a great time. bryn even managed to process all that sugar by her usual bedtime. the end of daylight savings time has her schedule all screwy though...