Tuesday, February 26, 2008

happy birthday grandpa bunnell!

we sent our very best (yes, this is the best we could do on a cranky cold evening) to grandpa bunnell for his birthday yesterday. wish we could've been there to help you celebrate!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

happy valentine's day

bryn weighed in at 10 lbs. 12 ounces today (with diaper), putting her in the 75th percentile based on adjusted age (age from her due date) and in the 10th percentile for her calendar age (age from her birth date). not bad.

she also made her first valentine this week, which basically just required laying relatively still while i took her picture.

and, finally, evidence of bryn's smile! she is smiling often and purposefully. the other day i went to get her after a nap, and she smiled at me when i walked up to her bed. *sigh*

as always, for you diehard bryn devotees, click on the flickr link on the right for even more pics - including more smiles and outfits from her aunt and uncle.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

the paternal side

we were lucky enough to also have a visit from grandpa, grandma and uncle on dad's side. the similarity between grandmas was, at times, uncanny - "she's super cute!" "look at all her of adorable facial expressions!" and, of course, their irresistible urge to hold bryn. grandpa preferred adoration from afar (ok, one couch cushion over), but proved to be a natural anyway.

uncle aaron got in a little practice before his own bundle of joy arrives this summer. he kept suggesting maybe he was too bony for bryn's taste, but i say babies smell fear. and we have photo evidence to the contrary.

di was invited to give two readings from her novel, the protest. for those of you in our area, we have a few more copies of this acclaimed book!

and, sadly, dad had to return to work shortly after the end of the visit. but, that does mean no more late-night diaper changes for him. we'll commemorate dad's babymoon with the following: