Thursday, September 27, 2007

vintage truman

this is our dog, truman, at about 2 months old. we were told at the shelter (i use that term loosely, as it was actually a trailer next to a barn with a handful of cages in it, and we paid a big guy in a straw hat, flannel shirt and overalls all of $25.50 to spring truman - no joke). but if you've ever met truman, i think you'll agree that this is much more fitting. the good news is, we have since broken him of this habit.

the baby shower

here are a couple pics from our lovely baby shower, held on labor day. kelly was kind enough to put it all together (we saved some of the decorations for a scrapbook, which may or may not ever get put together). chris let us have the shower on the patio at famous dave's in puyallup, and my parents generously contributed lunch. thanks to all who came and for all your well wishes for bryn! oh, and that is the lovely megan helping us open and display presents.