Tuesday, May 20, 2008

first cross-country trip!

we took bryn on her first plane trip this month. first, she went to dc with me to attend the - wait for it - 2008 World Congress on National Accounts and Economic Performance Measures for Nations. my mom was kind enough to join us in dc and keep bryn company while i participated in the conference (i really had to twist her arm). she and bryn had a great time chatting and playing, but grandma proved to be very faint-hearted when it comes to the cries of babes, or at least the cries of her grandbaby... just 10 minutes drove grandma chen to fervent recitation of the hail mary. bryn also got to meet her great grandmother yang (who promptly declared bryn to be prettier than her mother), as well as two great-uncles and a great-aunt who live in the dc area. we were only in town for a day and a half so, unfortunately, we didn't get to visit any of our other friends.

the next leg of our trip was to san diego for adam's cousin's wedding. it was beautiful - right on mission bay - and the guests were appropriately adoring of bryn (thanks to aunt teresa for the super cute dress!). bryn was quite well-behaved, although i did have to walk her around during the ceremony, and she even slept for the last hour or so of the reception, right through all the music and dancing. what a trooper. at the wedding, bryn also got to meet a second great grandmother, great grandma hartley, and a great uncle and some second cousins. oh, and we saw one of the flower girls go down the aisle in a wagon... this means that bryn should be available for weddings as soon as she can sit up (another couple months?). i can't think of anyone who might need a flower girl sooner than that, but i could probably be persuaded to carry her down the aisle if necessary.

on sunday, bryn got to see and touch the pacific for the first time in ocean beach, ca! she tolerated putting her feet in, but got angry when dad let her butt get splashed. it was great to be on a coast again, and we were happy that bryn's first ocean was the pacific rather than the atlantic. here are some pictures from our trip and some from the wedding, and here is a little preview because it just doesnt' feel like a post without a picture.